I love this photo!!!! … I have no idea what am I looking at, but I still love it ! 
Is this ..Joshifer ? A Joshifer hug, may be? Someone? Anyone…?
Cause I don’t remember this being in the movie. And I watched the movie. 5 minutes ago…




The Capitol’s torture. Breaks down citizens since the end of the dark age.

How amazing Mara! You kill me everytime


  • Josh on Claudia: Look at that girl.
  • Josh on Claudia: Yeah, I like her.
  •  ********************************************************
  • Josh on Jennifer: I really do feel like I'm in love with her.
  • Josh on Jennifer: She's so amazingly talented and beautiful...
  • Josh on Jennifer: I love Jennifer...
  • Josh on Jennifer: She's probably the most talented actress I've gotten to work with.
  • Josh on Jennifer: We're like two puppies circling each other.
  • Josh on Jennifer: We're crazy together!
  • Josh on Jennifer: I miss her so much, so much...
  • Josh on Jennifer: She looked gorgeous! Woo, woo, woo!
  • Josh on Jennifer: I know my Jennifer Lawrence! I know my Jennifer Lawrence!