Amici: ho bisogno di una nuova immagine del profilo.

Io: ho bisogno di una nuova faccia.


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It’s official: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult split. 


source: (confirmed by E!Online and JustJared)





Joult breakup official?

Now Josh…..

You know what to do…

well… Cannes… London… KY… L.A… I think I said everything ;)

I think Josh has already done a lot with Jen! Remember the last time joult breakup it became official in Jan 2013 but it was…

My Everlark NSFWs

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Para mi. Para siempre. Par ‘e pall.  

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"Insieme siamo l’inizio e la fine."

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"Siamo fatti di sogni che non ci fanno dormire."

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